Rowland Technology is a small part time business run by a professional embedded engineer with over 15 years experience in the industry – Ben Rowland.

The company was started to allow us to try and flex our creative muscles without the financial constraints of a big business and see what we can come up with.

We craft software and hardware with expertise in a wide range of technologies ranging from from mobile games to weather stations.

Because we are a small company a lot of our work involves rapid prototype equipment such as 3D printing, small scale CNC and PCB assembly. We build stock to order so if you have a request then please let us know and we can make sure we are geared up correctly to complete the job.

Based in West Yorkshire in the UK, with all of our parts being manufactured in the UK. Lets together bring back engineering to the UK.

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    1. Hi Chris,

      No problem at all glad you like them,

      The Liteplacer took approx 2 weeks part time to build and calibrate. I would estimate 2-3 days full time to have a production worthy machine setup you can leave to do it’s thing.

      Saying this I have built similar kits before (3D printers) so I do have a bit of experience.

  1. Hi Ben,

    Great website with awesome projects!

    Would you happen to have a MULTIUART for sale by any chance?

    Does it require some sort of special driver to be able to communicate with a pi?

  2. hellow~
    i am Taiwanese.
    i want to buy your company’s SPI to 4 x UART Bridge MULTIUART Project

    can you sent this product to Taiwan?

  3. Hello Ben,

    I’m using one of your Cap Touch boards with an ESP 32 atatched. The system i’m interfacing to requires the DC pin to be speicified, but there doesnt appear to be a DC pin on the interface from teh display to the ESP32 … am I being daft?


    Ian B

    1. Hi Ian,

      Many thanks for your purchase. The DC or Data/Command pin is the same as the RS or Reg Select pin they just have two different interchangable names.

      Hope this helps.
      Best regards, Ben

      1. Hello again, next (and probably last question, I fear) the libraries I’m using to build my device (ESPHOME) require PSRAM on the ESP32 chip … I suspect the ESP32 chip onboard doesnt have PSRAM from the errors I’m getting … is that true?
        Ian B.

          1. Hi Ben – Looked for a ‘no psram’ option but sadly it seems to be fundemental to the operation of the library.

            I’m tryiin to work out how to use the library you use in the demo code with ESPHOME …”I may be some time” …

            If any one else sees this and has any input I’d be grateful to hear.

            Ian B

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