LibGDX Game Development

We have been working hard to provide a new game to the Steam Greenlight platform as well as other mobile/tablet based platforms.


LibGDX from BadLogicGames is a Java based library which uses a single code base to generate working code for multiple hardware platforms including PC, Android, iOS & HTML5.

Progress has been very good and we are hopefully getting ever closer to the Alpha stage.

javaw 2015-03-15 16-33-07-56

The game is a 2D based space sim with aspects taken from various game styles, action, adventure, role play, multiplayer PvP & crafting.

Here are some current screen shots of the progress so far.

javaw 2015-03-15 16-33-28-18

javaw 2015-03-15 16-33-52-73


javaw 2015-03-15 16-33-59-82


Current development is focusing on developing story and mission aspects of the game.

The game features a SQLite database allowing all the galaxies, ships, docks and item objects to be completely data driven allowing for maximum flexibility while reducing the amount of code overhead. To easily edit the database we created a PHP driven HTML based back end which allows all the aspects of the game assets to be altered and tweaked.

If you would like to be included in the Alpha testing then please check back soon for the latest progress and news.

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