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SPI to 4 x UART Bridge MULTIUART Project


The SPI2UART or MULTIUART open source project is designed to provide additional serial ports for communications with multiple embedded modules such as mobile phone network (GSM), Bluetooth, Wifi etc.

A full build guide is now available via instructables at the link below.


A number of boards are currently available on sale via eBay.




An Arduino library and Flowcode component are now available to help driver the board.


Bluetooth RGB LED Message Board

Presenting our Bluetooth enabled RGB LED Message Board…

A small text display unit designed for the following applications:

  • Shop windows & displays
  • Conferences and shows
  • Car rear windows
  • Disabled or hard of hearing
  • Novelty Gift
  • Used with a PC / Mobile Phone App to automatically display
    • Time
    • Date
    • Temperature
    • Local Weather
    • Stocks & Shares
    • Incoming Tweets
    • Facebook Updates
    • News Headlines
    • ….

The display is made using high quality RGB LEDs mounted inside a quality custom black acrylic case.

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